ULV003-2 Portable 7L 110V ULV Electric Fogger Sprayer



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ULV003-2 Portable 7L 110V ULV Fogger Sprayer


The machine is powered by pulsed jet engines, producing spiral vibrating air, breaking the liquid in the nozzle instantly, nebulizing into water mist with particle size greater than or equal to 0.5 microns, and rapidly spreading into the air, with high penetrability and adhesion; so as to achieve the control efficiency of sterilization, insecticide, and disinfection.

Product Name: Electric Sprayer
Power supply: 110V
Power:  600W-1000W
Droplet size:  5-50μm
Spraying distance: 6-8 meters
Tank Capacity: 7L
  • 7L large capacity, long spraying distance, suitable for company or enterprise rapid disinfection, strong air supply, fast diffusion, stable atomization
  • Low sound, reduce working noise, mute and moisturize, hard material, use engineering materials to extend service life, anti-fall and wear-resistant
  • The atomizing system has high power, strong and powerful, adjustable size, convenient and labor-saving, the atomizing particles are fine, and the spraying distance is long.
  • 100W high-power high-speed spraying has high application efficiency and saves medicine.
  • Ideal for CDC, Hospital, Station, School, Restaurant, Shop Disinfection





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