ODETOOLS Easy to Operate customize BE-NMHP-25 hole punch portable sheet metal hole punch tool 1500W square hole punch tool



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Portable electric hydraulic puncher is used for punching steel,iron,copper,aluminum,formed steel,U-steel,I-steel,I-steel and so on.Small size,light weight,easy to operate,save effort and punch fast,and mould can be customized.
The second generation of portable punching machine uses brushless motor technology and space aluminum material.It has lighter weight,less noise,faster speed and longer life.

1. Compact, light, fast. It could be used on carbon steel plate for digging round and square holes in 3mm or below. It could also be used with other specific dies of hole digger. The solid positioning drive lead to approach working point easily.

2. Wide hole digging range. It could be used on switchboard, power transmission panel, meter plate, steel plate to dig hole or punch hole.Operate conveniently, punched holes smooth without burr.

3. It covers six kinds of dies, two bolts, one washer, hole digger unit and plastic carrying case.

4. It could be used for digging square hole if fitted with square dies. Any specific size of round and square dies could be ordered.

Voltage 110/220V
Wattge 1500
Punch speed 4-5s
Max round 25.5mm
Min round 11mm
Carton size 560*340*235mm
Punch thickness 10mm
Machine weight 17.5kg
Gross weight 26.5kg
Standard punching dies 11/13/17/21.5/25.5mm kg


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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 560 × 340 × 235 cm


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