2023 New Arrival Wifi APP Remote Control Smart Pet Dog Cat Feeder 360 Degree Rotation Automatic Dog Treat Dispenser with Camera



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Product :automatic pet food feeder
material: ABS
color : white
size :270x120mm
connect : Wifi
package: box

How to use it :
1: interface type: TYPE-C
2: adapter power: 5V-1000mA
3: Camera: Maximum resoluaution: 1080P/200W pixels

4: indicator light
(1): Indicates the normal state of the feeder:
Slow flash: it turns on for 2 seconds and turns off for 2 seconds. At the same time, it supports a two-dimensional code distribuon network and AP hot spot distribution network mode.
Always on: the network connection is successful. After about 15~20 seconds of constant on (system
initialization), if the network is not distributed, it will enter the distribution mode. If the network has been distributed, try to connect to the route. The light flashes, and it turns on when the connection is successful.
(2): Indicates the abnormal state of the feeder:
Flashing: on for 0.5 seconds and off for 0.5 seconds, and the limit switch detects abnormality (motor does not turn).
Lock/unlock: turn on for 200ms and turn off for 200ms, twice.

5: Keys:
(1): Manual feeding: press once to feed one serving, and if there is a recording, the recording will be played twice before feeding.
(2): Lock key: Press and hold the feeding key for 8 seconds to lock/unlock the key. When the key is locked, the feeding key and recording key are invalid, but the reset key function is not invalid.

6: Recording:
(1): Recording: Press and hold for 1 second to make a “drip” sound to start recording, and release it to make two “drip” sounds to stop recording. The recording me can be up to 10 seconds.
(2): Delete the recording: press and hold for 1 second to make a beep, and then release the recording button after 1 second to hear the beep. (Actually, the old recording is overwritten with a short blank recording)
(3): Play the recording: Press once to play the recording once.
Start recording: “drop” (support customization)
End of recording: “Drip” twice (support customization)
Reset: “Ding Dong” (custom support)

7: Reset:
Reset: Press and hold the feeding key for 5 seconds to restore the factory settings. After reset, the device restarts, the red light, and blue light are always on for 1 second and then go out, and the device enters the Bluetooth waiting for connection/pairing state.
Wireless Wi-Fi link considerations
1. Please use it indoors to avoid exposure to the sun.
2: The Wi-Fi password should not exceed 12 numbers and letters, and special symbols are not applicable.
3. It is recommended that the router should not exceed 10m, and the success rate of configuration under barrier-free condictions is higher.
4: If the network distribution fails, please shut down and restart the router to reset it (press and hold the “reset” button for 15 seconds and wait for two minutes before resetting.
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Automatic Intelligent APP Control Dog Treat Dispenser
Power Source
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